Terrestrial Monitoring

Making The Earth Smart

At Aridea Solutions, we envision a time where real-time, continuous environmental monitoring is common through industries and institutions that impact environmental health. With this environmental monitoring, nature can communicate with machines, information systems and people to help deliver better outcomes for our industries and the environment.

This vision will be accomplished through a suite of hardware and software that will allow operators and executives to monitor and control their remote and mobile assets from any internet connection. This will provide Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and usage data to their business systems such as their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

BJ Evans
BJ Evans - Co-Founder and Managing Director

A Turnkey Solution

Use current sensor arrays or start from scratch

Thanks to the incredible flexibility of the Terralytix Platform, Aridea Solutions can deploy environmental monitoring as a turnkey solution.

We can deliver all new, high-quality sensors or tap into existing arrays. We can use existing Internet infrastructure or deliver a remote connection. We can use an existing database or deploy an original one. Rather than selling devices, we sell solutions.

Smart Earth

Beyond smart phones, smart cars and smart cities

In the exciting, cutting-edge landscape of smart devices – from cars and phones to shoes and washing machines – Aridea Solutions has arrived with the promise of making the earth smart through continuous environmental monitoring that connects nature directly to human assets and information systems.


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No Location Too Remote

Using Internet of Things Technologies

There is no location too remote for the the Terralytix Platform. Period. We’ve developed a variety of techniques and systems we can deploy in order to reach any location.


How we make the earth smart

The Terralytix Edge is a rugged, weatherproof device designed to capture, log and transmit data in extreme, outdoor conditions. With a built-in microcontroller, the Terralytix Edge can interface with any sensor that conforms to industry standards. After capturing the data, it is both stored internally and transmitted to a Terralytix Transport, where it uploaded to its final destination.

Thanks to the microcontroller, advanced algorithms are possible, and a great deal of research and development has gone into making the Terralytix Edge flexible, robust and efficient. The Terralytix...

The Terralytix Transport is the key device that enables communication between the field and the rest of the world. With up to 100 Terralytix Edge connections, the Terralytix Transport consolidates, caches and transmits a plethora of data in an efficient and reliable way. It also extends the intelligence of human assets and data systems to the field with two-way communication.

Made of high-grade aluminum and IP67 weatherproofing, the Terralytix Transport’s protective case is engineered to work in the most extreme conditions. Given its strength and technological flexibility, the...

The Terralytix Portal is the data access point for an at-a-glance view of all monitored assets across an entire organization. Viewed as a dashboard, The Terralytix Portal aggregates all the data from all sites to a single pane of glass. It is Cloud based, delivered as a service and can be viewed by multiple people from multiple locations at any time all over the world.

The Terralytix Portal also supports data exports in a variety of formats and a robust RESTful API to ensure extensibility to any existing platform.

The Terralytix Edge Buoy descends water quality monitoring to new depths. By combining the Terralytix Edge and the Terralytix Transport on a waterproof platform, environmental parameters are monitored in the water in real-time. The submerged platform connects sensors at different depths from the sea floor to surface, allowing data capture for the entire aquatic environment.

The Terralytix AST Cap allows easy installation of sensors in aboveground storage tanks (ATS). The Terralytix AST Cap has an integrated Terralytix Edge that seamlessly monitors the chemical in the ATS. By monitoring ATS chemical levels, advanced reporting and alerts can be used to stay ahead of outages and refill schedules.

Aridea Solutions

Developer of the Terralytix Platform

Aridea Solutions is an Internet of Things company dedicated to making the Earth smart. Founded in 2014, Aridea Solutions has developed the Terralyix Platform to accomplish that goal.

You can view applications of the Terralyix Platform by visiting our environmental monitoring site.

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